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Congratulations to the Naz DPT Class of 2021

 Congratulations to the Naz DPT Class of 2021 Dr. Miriam Andrada Dr. Kiely Barker Dr. Anthony Basile Dr. Margaret Bateman Dr. Margaret Beiter Dr. Molly Brown Dr. Shannon Burke Dr. Megan Bush Dr. Matthew Butts Dr. Kellie Byrne Dr. Annie Casey Dr. Kelsey Ciulla Dr. Scott Donachie Dr. Katelyn Ellison Dr. Paige Ensby Dr. Kerry Forster Dr. Julianna Gatto Dr. Morgan Hart Dr. Molly Herting Dr. Allyson Hildreth Dr. Kerianne Humphrey Dr. Marisa Joyce Dr. Sarika Krish Dr. Mary LoCicero Dr. Janae Marcello Dr. Kasson Massimino Dr. Lauren McNamara Dr. Caitlyn McRae Dr. Danielle Meeker Dr. Ilona Miller Dr. Kelsey Milligan Dr. Mary Kathryn Ordway Dr. Megan Payne Dr. Bradley Pizzey Dr. Rosalie Pizziketti Dr. Mackensi Riker Dr. Brianna Rizzari Dr. Sahib Sandhu Dr. Patricia Sawchuck Dr. Ashley Scalzo Dr. Reilly Smyth Dr. Delaney St. George Dr. Sara Thomas Dr. Liam Traynor Dr. Elizabeth Weed Dr. Jennifer West Dr. John Wojciechowski

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