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Let's Dance!

Dancing in PT with my Post-Stroke Patient By Janea Marcello '19, '21G For the past 10 weeks, I have been working in our Nazareth pro-bono neurologic clinic with a patient 5 years post-stroke. He was an incredibly active individual prior to his injury, an avid biker, hiker, and associate professor and lead researcher at the University of Rochester. And a dancer. Every Friday night you could find him on the dance floor with his wife of 15 years West Coast Swinging to Michael Jackson and BB King.

A dancer myself, I took heart to the fact that he could no longer participate in the activity he so dearly loved to do and right then, vowed to do whatever it took to get him back to dancing. Each week, I bring in my speaker, play his favorite music, and we Swing. To my benefit, Nazareth has a SafeGait Active® harness system which allows me to dance with my patient without worrying about guarding him. He has progressed so well using the harness we are at the point where he no longer need…

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